Is there a way to get creative-mode flight? / How do I use the Flight Control module?

How do I charge it??

How come this module isn't working?

How come I didn't get anything from salvaging?

Most components have only a 90% chance of being salvaged. This can be changed in the config file. The one exception is capacitors; they are always destroyed.

What does 'weight' do?

If your weight exceeds 25kg, your movement will be slowed proportionally. You can compensate using one of the movement modules, such as Sprint Assist.

I keep getting disconnected for flying!

This is fixed in newer builds, but if you are using an older one, there is a workaround: Servers have to enable flying by going into their server.properties file and changing

allow-flight: false
allow-flight: true

How come my energy drains from my feet when I use my power tool?

Powersuit items pool their energy. That's why there is a HUD overlay showing you how much energy is currently available, instead of having energy indicators on the individual items. Your shock absorber can be powered by your helmet or even your tool :P

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